A Free Cup of Joe

To the one I love:

You just left our favorite spot where I now sit writing you a letter, as promised. As you left, I looked down at my chair and noticed I’d worn my big coat. I took the time today to dress myself adequately, after admitting to you that I often fail to do so, and I got two miracles in turn: free coffee from Barista B, and an impromptu visit with yourself.

How honored I am to have gotten to see you just before your French test. How honored I always am to see you, especially impromptu.

Know that I am with you as you move through this exam. I once told the little girls I babysit that when they miss their parents, they can place their hand(s) over their heart(s) and embrace them from afar. So if at any point you think of me, simply place your hand on your heart.

Now to share some humor: 
Barista B approached me just now – dishrag in hand, dutifully wiping tables – and said, “I’ve got a question for you: are y’all” – pointing to your now-vacant chair – “just friends, or…?”

As he trailed off, I shook my head, and he said, “See? I knew it!” Then, pointing to his friend at the register, “HE made me ask, he was like ‘they’re just friends,’ but see, I knew, I was right! I read people, you know, I sense these things.” Then, “seriously, that’s awesome though.”

I feel pretty loved right now. I’m really feeling that “coffee shop loyalty.” Remember our conversation over dinner Monday night about money? I said, “I’ve spent $11 dollars today at coffee shops alone,” and today, I got $5-plus-friendship back.

Let me contextualize this for you all, dear readers: 
I walked in the back door of my favorite coffee shop this morning and the first thing I saw was the recipient of this letter. I delayed ordering to sit down with her, and at some point while cuddling, a familiar barista snuck a cup of cold brew onto our table. When I finally noticed and asked if I could pay, he said “don’t worry about it.” I told him he made my day, and he joked that I made his day “striking his pride.” We’ve got a rapport, him and I. We talk every day, and you know? It means something.

Now back to the letter:

I got proof in that moment of the exchange of abundance. I got proof in that moment of the exchange of love. I got proof that what we put into this world, we really do receive in turn .

I got proof that no matter what happens, I am fully supported by life. I need only trust and surrender, and my every need will be met.

It won’t come as a surprise to tell you that I came here from a 12-step meeting. While leaving, I rejoiced with the other members that I’d gotten my “daily soul food.” One member said, “Good luck today, with whatever you’re doing,” then winked at me and left.

The beauty of anonymity is that she didn’t know what I’d be doing – nor did she need to for her wish to carry over. It carried me to just-the-right table in just-the-right coffee shop in the just-the-right moment, to a mountain of love.

She may as well have said, “Good luck spreading love today, Bella.” “Good luck showing up in your relationship(s) today, Bella.” Because that’s precisely what played out.

As it does any time I write something important, I’ve been moved to share this on my blog. This means I must turn my phone on, which I don’t like to do (as you know.) But it’s worth it to share this message with the world. Love shared is love doubled; pain shared is pain halved. 

Thanks for being my muse today, Love. Always thinking of you,

In closing, I would like to say that the opinions expressed here are entirely my own and may not resonate with everyone; take what you like and leave the rest. If you liked what you read here, I invite you to share it, as these messages are for all.


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