Cherries and Berries are NOT the Same Thing

Did I ask for Greek yogurt, toasted almonds, and cherries? Or did I ask for Greek yogurt, toasted almonds, and BERRIES? I'm fairly certain I asked for the latter--and no, sir, they are not "basically the same." So we're walking down the west side, right? From Chelsea to the West Village. Me, my mom, my aunt, my other aunt, my other... Continue Reading →

Looking Back

I love being the skinniest girl. I love being the tiniest girl. I can't threaten that. This morning in core we did weight-sharing and Hannah, Julia, and Lily were talking about how I literally weigh nothing, but I'm so strong, and Lily said she sometimes watches me when I run and I look like a fairy "prancing." How am I supposed to gain weight after hearing that?

Open Letters from a Rough Week

To me, osteoporosis and amenorrhea are my battle scars, the remains of my anorexia, an illness which I have recovered from. The wound has healed and these are the scars. I put my body through hell for two years straight; it’d be naive to think I’d emerge from that unscathed. Look, in a way, it’s good there’s some permanent damage; it’ll teach me not to dance with the devil again.

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